The development of marine equipment and components for shallow water and deep sea requires a lot of experience, far-sightedness and, above all, pleasure in the matter.


Experience: Oktopus employees have some decades of experience in the field of marine scientific research. This is often reflected in new developments and innovations, which are adapted to the work processes and requirements on the ship. Knowledge of the background of physical, geological or biological investigations is a valuable part of our company.


Joy: Developing devices means to give the user pleasure in their use. All employees have exactly this as a claim. Functionality is always present in the conception.


Quality and certification: We pay close attention to the quality of our products, as well as to our suppliers. Material testing and certifications belong to us. Together with FEM simulations, we create positive user experience.


Construction: As early as the planning phase, the current state can be viewed using models and drawings. With the help of a modern 3D design, we enable a fast integration of customer requirements as well as a smooth flow of the production process.


Service: This includes not only the in-house equipment, but also all that is necessary in the use and deployment of marine equipment.


Advice: A faultless and effective device starts with the advice in the early stage. Already when the idea of the user is developed, it is useful to integrate our knowledge into the development process.


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